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“What I most enjoyed about working with Bruce is his passion to our business and our needs, his responsiveness, and of course his ability to source sales candidates, as he truly understands the unique aspects and needs of these types of candidates. As an example, during our recruitment process, at least two candidates mentioned to me that Bruce’s ability to convey our unique opportunity swayed them to engage in conversations with us, when their mindset was one of not seeking new employment or opportunities. Bruce brought many highly qualified and focused candidates. I would HIGHLY recommend, and would use Bruce again in my next executive search.”

Jasen Lew
President & Co-Founder
Xavus Solutions



What's up?

From Point a to Point b and Beyond

Where Recruitment Meets the Road

roadwayPoint B Search is a talent acquisition firm that helps its clients build and improve their teams by exceeding hiring objectives critical to a company’s growth. We understand that if you don’t meet your hiring goals, your business goals will suffer. As a hiring executive, it is vital that you entrust your recruitment efforts to those who understand more than the bullets in the job spec. You need someone who functions as an extension of you -- someone who truly understands what you and your company are trying to accomplish and knows how to execute on that knowledge with the same level of determination and urgency.

Walk a Mile in Your Shoes

Point B Search does not consist of “career recruiters.” Instead, we are executives who have spent years building effective teams against aggressive deadlines. Like you, we’ve hired search firms in the past and based on real world experience, know what works and what doesn’t.

More importantly, we take the extra time on the front end to learn all we can from you about your business, including the GTM strategy, value proposition and key differentiators, market landscape, people, and business objectives. Only then can we be suitably prepared to formulate and enact the hiring action plan needed to support your specific business needs. Getting you to Point B and beyond is our business.